Automotive Industry Expertise

The Automotive industry is a complex and demanding business environment facing unprecedented challenges. From globalization and economic uncertainty to new technologies and increasing consumer demands, these challenges often stand in the way of growth and profitability. Success in this market requires intense focus on responding rapidly to market opportunities, improving performance and, increasing productivity, while reducing costs and eliminating inefficiencies.

For a decade, incadea has worked with leading automotive industry players, helping them to become high performers and to improve their market position through the use of world-class technology. Extensive research and analysis of the needs of our clients has enabled us to gain deep insight into the industry and its key drivers.

This industry expertise is embedded in incadea's proprietary enterprise software solutions which enable car manufacturers and their dealer networks, selling more than 60 brands around the world, to improve and standardize processes, reduce costs and increase growth. At a time when car manufacturers are rationalizing their dealer management systems’ partners, incadea is experiencing strong growth in demand for its solutions to deliver:

  1. Faster speed to market
  2. Greater focus on customer and vehicle relationship management
  3. Data capture and management to support decision making

Helping OEMs achieve high performance

In response to competitive pressure, car manufacturers are seeking to enhance their market position by strengthening relationships with existing customers and targeting new markets. incadea has established long term successful relationships with premium OEMs, helping them achieve their business goals and implement their strategy. 

incadea's long term customer relationships include:

  1. BMW Group: incadea is one of the two global strategic partners for DMS and retail CRM solutions, serving  more than 13,000 incadea end users across 22 geographical markets
  2. Volkswagen: incadea is a global strategic partner for DMS, serving more than 6,000 incadea end users across 24 geographical markets
  3. OPEL: incadea is a global strategic partner for DMS, serving more than 13,000 incadea end users across 14 geographical markets

Helping Car Dealers speed up their business

In a strong competitive environment, more than 3,500 car dealerships around the world rely on incadea solutions for optimizing business processes. Because of incadea’s experience in the automotive sector, the company has been able to build the roles to fit real-life dealership environments and today is the solution of choice for car dealerships, for improving retail operations and profitability.

Top reasons why customers choose incadea for achieving high performance:

  1. Market Leadership
  2. Deep industry Expertise
  3. Global Solution with local reach
  4. World class technology platform
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