Ralf | Service Advisor

Ralf, the Service Advisor, has his hands full: He is finishing up on a technical inspection, and his next appointment is due any minute now. He must assign work to an available mechanic and prepare for the next customer. His focus is always on delivering excellent work, and making sure all customers leave the dealership feeling well served, and secure – knowing their vehicle is in impeccable condition.

Ralf also knows that he must perform with great speed in order to ensure his team meets their productivity target. Being conscious of the new “always sell” philosophy of the company, he tries to promote relevant service packages to his customers. He want to make sure his work is recorded to the finest details, so his manager has all the information to get job done.

Key challenges

  • As a Service Advisor, Ralf has only two goals: excellence in delivery and productivity.
  • Any task that requires him to step away from the floor or not focus on delivery has a negative effect on his own job performance and subsequently to the entire team.
  • These tasks include recording data to systems, pushing service promotions to customers, searching for next open job, clocking in etc.

How can incadea solutions support Ralf in his daily life?

The Solution can help Ralf by actually assisting him on delivery, and unburdening him from all the paperwork and extra responsibilities coming his way. For example, the DMS will provide Ralf with a Service Checklist and a quick interface to record issues for supporting his direct customer communication during reception, or help him prioritize open jobs and provide the greatest possible customer experience. Through his tablet and incadea mobile apps, Ralf the opportunity to offer quick recording of visual and technical checks execution.

While engaging with the customer in front of the vehicle, up and cross selling initiatives will be pushed on his tablet screen so that he can consistently and speedily perform his share of opportunity generation. Clock-in and out, can be materialized with a bar code scan, while customer sign off, and reviewing the invoice - all done by the touch of a button on Ralf’s tablet. As for reporting to management, he doesn’t need to do anything extra – He simply uses the system to perform the work, the system updates the predefined reports and dashboards for management.
Solutions and functionalities that helped Ralf
  • Service advisor role center
  • Service manager role center
  • Service appointment planning
  • Service reception
  • Service execution
incadea.myservice app
  • Service Reception
  • Customer information
  • Visual check
  • Technical inspection
  • Quick picks – cross-selling
  • Service manager dashboards
Key benefits for the Service department and the entire dealership
  • Gain control by linking all steps and building the history by monitoring execution
  • Achieve higher margins by increased productivity and optimized utilization
  • Drive growth through first class customer experience and cross-selling at all touch points